Start Over

Number of players: cast

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 3 minutes

How Start Over works


A series of microscenes, each beginning with the exact same simple physical action.

Game roles:

Starter: One improvisor performs and repeats a single, simple physical action to inspire a series of microscenes.

Improvisors: The remaining improvisers in play justify the Starter’s action to begin new microscenes—usually offering the first line of dialogue.

Host (optional): the Host calls “Start Over” to end a microscene and begin a new one. In the absence of a Host, any Player may call “Start Over” instead.


Players take a suggestion from the audience. Starer then takes the stage alone, and performs a simple, repeatable physical action “”on loop.””

Starter repeats the action until another Improvisor joins them on stage to create a small scene based on that action. The scene continues until Host calls “Start Over,” at which point Improvisors leave the stage and Starter resumes the simple action. Improvisors then justify the action in an entirely new way, beginning a new scene.

Tips for playing Start Over

  • Microscenes can be as brief as a single spoken line, or can last a full minute.
  • The first line of dialogue should justify Starter’s action.
  • This is best played as a fast-paced game. The more microscenes, the better.
  • Simple actions win—keep them vague enough for Improvisors to justify in a variety of ways.
  • Starter can perform other physical actions within a microscene. (E.g., if Improvisor establishes that Starter is peeling potatoes in the kitchen, Starter can move about the kitchen and interact with other utensils—they needn’t peel potatoes for the whole exchange.)
  • Starter should perform an action that they can reliably repeat for 3 minutes.

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