Good Advice / Bad Advice

Number of players: 4

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 2–3 minutes

How Good Advice / Bad Advice works


A daytime TV show in which a panel of three experts answer the studio audience’s most difficult questions.


Host—One improvisor gets (and vets) questions from the audience.

Experts—Three improvisors take turns answering questions, usually sitting in a line.


Host introduces the show, and allows each Expert to introduce themselves. Each Expert should be a specific character—the improvisor should sustain and build on this character as the game progresses.

Then the game moves to a round of questions. The Host gathers questions from the audience and presents a single question to the panel. Each Expert improvises an answer to the question. Gameplay usually concludes after 3–4 questions.

Variations of Good Advice / Bad Advice

  1. Put an audience volunteer in the center of panel.
  2. Choose a topic (relationships, home improvement, etc.) for questions to center on.

Tips for playing Good Advice / Bad Advice

  • Designate “good advice,” “bizarre advice,” “bad advice” seats on the panel. This helps maintain some believability in the game. The natural inclination is to give “funny” bad advice—but having one person designated to lead with good advice makes the game feel more grounded.
  • Give your advice from the character’s perspective.
  • Position your strongest improvisors on the ends of the panel—the middle space is a great spot for someone new to the game to learn.
  • Host should not be afraid to call the game before the question has made it through the entire panel. If the game-ending line is delivered by the person in the middle of the panel, call the game.
  • Host should repeat audience’s questions (so the audience and Experts know what question the Experts are answering)

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